"They’re your rights, use ‘them or lose them"

Empathy. Professionalism.

And a love of the game.

Relationships matter when you’re trying to get a business off the ground, when you’re sharing big ideas, or in that one-off life moment you need someone who gets how the pieces fit together.

As it happens, that’s when having an advocate matters most, too.

That’s why it’s our belief that empathy is just as important as professionalism: they’re two sides of the same coin, and for us, both are a must—whatever business you’re in.


Legal services for Criminal Law, D.U.I., Domestic Violence and Personal Injury.

We currently represent individuals and small businesses in the creative, startup, and hospitality industries, though we’re always looking to create relationships in new fields.


Being charged with a crime can be a frightening experience that can ruin your life. Speaking with an experienced attorney can assist you in understanding your rights and making sure that you don't needlessly suffer harsh consequences. Whether you are charged with a crime or merely being investigated, seeking information from a lawyer can greatly assist you in making sure that you are advised of your options and can make smart decisions. Give us a call today and let us help you.


When you have tickets, it can be easy to just pay them online or forget about them. But those tickets can have serious consequences and an experienced attorney can help to minimize those consequences by giving you options. Whether you don't have the money for fines or need to avoid points on your license, we can help you work toward an outcome that fits your needs. Having appeared in municipal courts hundreds of times assisting clients, we know how to make sure that you have the options that best fit your needs. Whether it is a simple speeding ticket or complicated DUI, we can explain your legal rights and choices to help you make an informed decision and obtain the optimal outcome for you.


Being the victim of Domestic Violence, or false accusations of Domestic Violence, is a troubling and dangerous situation. Having successfully tried dozens of cases on behalf of both Plaintiffs and Defendants, both obtaining final restraining orders and preventing them, our experience can assist you in reaching the outcome you deserve. Give us a call and let us help you understand the legal standards regarding restraining orders and how to move forward with your case.


When you're hurt, it can be hard to understand your rights. Difficult legal questions complicate an already troubling situation when you're injured. Let us help you seek the compensation you deserve from those who have made you suffer. Give us a call to discuss your options and see if we can help you understand how to deal with a complicated situation. We're happy to help.


I got involved in law for the same reason so many people find it challenging: the complexity and structure of it are hugely appealing to me. But it’s more than that: I also love working closely as part of a team, advancing ideas and building up businesses, which is why you’ll so often find me with my feet on the ground (not up on a desk).

Supporting the ideas and projects my clients care about most frees them to focus on their work, their lives, and their businesses. And that matters as much to me as it does to them.


  • B.A., Rutgers University New Brunswick
  • J.D., Rutgers University School of Law

Bar Membership

  • New Jersey

Organizational Memberships


I was very happy with my experience working with my attorney, Mr. Dominick Succardi. He went above and beyond what I was expecting and not only helped me to understand the situation fully, answer every question completely and direct me to every form that needed to be completed, but even did so without charging me. I am definitely going to be using my attorney again, and would highly recommend him to others!

Elizabeth F.
April 2018 |

Dominick was able to help me resolve a very tough situation. For someone who has never had a run in with the law, he made the process a lot less stressful by always keeping me informed with any updates. His knowledge of the legal system was evident in every single conversation we had which helped me understand my options and potential outcomes. At each encounter Dominick was extremely professional, responsive, and understanding of my circumstances. Realizing that I am a career driven individual, Dominick did everything within his power to bring the charge down to a petty offense that will not affect my future employment opportunities. I would highly recommend Dominick Succardi to anyone who seeks legal counsel!

D. Garcia
July 2015 |

I hired Dominick Succardi to contest a DWI refusal charge. Dominick was very knowledgeable, thorough and professional as he mounted a spirited defense through the initial trial and subsequent appeal process. His belief in, and willingness to fight on behalf of the client is his defining attribute. I would recommend him without reservation.

May 2016 |

Dom is who you want he looks outfor you and DOES WORK if you need any advice this is the guy. He is the best person who has enter my life.

George S.
May 2018 |

I want to thank Dominick Succardi for handling my case. The quality service I received was excellent. Dominick and his team were very professional. From the initial meeting, Dominick was responsive to all of my calls and emails, along with any questions and/or concerns. He made me feel comfortable when I was most stressed by expressing understanding and compassion for my pain and suffering caused by my car accident. Dominick’s confidence in winning this case was truly admirable along with his full command and knowledge of the legal system. He was extremely attentive to details without negligence or omissions to any areas in my case. I highly recommend Dominick.

May 2017 |


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